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Brilliant Do you like "American hero"? "Catch 22"? Turn off your TV and get this book. You might disagree on some issues but it's not the point - the point is to start thinking and questionning. First step to choose which pill you want to take. Highly recommend.
Kate Ligenza
What an amazing book by far maybe the greatest ever it spreads the truth about the people who have the keys of this world and the people who have the real power...!!!
Denisa (Varified Amazon Purchase)
Hello Tomaž, I am sending you my opinion on your book. But I have to tell you that I have not found words that would describe the book so well after what it offers🙌 The book People Are Sheep is the best book I have ever read. It removes illusions, draws the curtains and opens the eyes of even the most sleepy people who still believe everything they hear on television. The book should be a must-have material for every home. A book that, even once you read it, does not lose its meaning, because every time you read it you learn something new again, it gives you a new insight or opens a new curtain that you have not been able to overlook in the previous reading. A book that should be a subject in schools rather than having children memorize old stories from history. A book that I will be happy to hand over to my child to read and raise before that. Tomaž really thank you for such a bold and open thinking. There are very few such people today, although the world needs them more and more. I will recommend your book to everyone I know and meet, because only by raising awareness and spreading this can we achieve change and we will finally be able to say GAME OVER🙌🙌🙌
Tjaša Žibert Savkovič
The book really opens eyes and raises awareness, and should be a must-read for (at least) every adult, but ... people, especially young people, no longer read books, they all just stare at “smart” phones and computers (internet). because they are completely addicted to this technology. People are becoming more and more stupid, humanity is experiencing a great decline, including intellectually ... we live in the New Middle Ages, in madness😡 ... so I am afraid that only a handful will read this book, unfortunately😞
Emanuel Maric
Dear Mr. Caserman, I am at the end of your book and I want to let you know that it is a really big job. There aren’t many people who think so maturely and decisively, especially considering that you’re not yet in those years when such thoughts start to arise spontaneously (if they do!). I really appreciate your approach to the psycho-sociological way of behaving of the crowd and individuals. I will be happy if we ever meet and maybe discuss the individual elements. I wish you all the best and greet you warmly, Januš Rasiewicz.
Janus Rasiewicz

When was the last time you thought with your own head?

What do you really want in life? Freedom, food, happiness, health, time for people? If you answered the above question with yes, then you are only few steps away from such a life. Unfortunately, most people do not fully understand how easy everything can be. It’s always necessary to start with people who you can help enable this path – and that’s you

Everyone in the world could have absolutely everything, if we thought having “only” food, drink, love and freedom was enough

Never forget, always remember:

  • If we never switched on the television, our brains would remain switched on at all times.
  • Most people don’t ever follow their own way, but follow the stories written by the leaders.
  • Feeding hungry people isn’t the problem, the problem is satisfying those who already have enough and always want more.
  • In life, it’s not essential that you belong to someone, but that others don’t own you.

What this book will give you?

It will 100% sure help you to understand pure truth about the system in which we all live.

It will push you to the point where you will be amazed how simple everything works, and how psychology of masses is being used to eliminate smart individuals and present them as dumb ones and like some kind of threat to the society.

If you can resolve the human mind, there are no coincidences.

If you can convince people that they are in danger they will do anything and everything to get back on the safe side again.

We should never be afraid to stand out from the crowd; we should always be afraid that no one will notice and understand our good intentions.

The only freedom that exists is one that always offers a choice; without choice, there is no freedom.

We are born smart – then we learn all our life and in the end, we die stupid.

The fact is that you can always defeat the leaders – you just need to play a game other than the one they expect from you.

Every day we don’t resist the system we lose a little bit of freedom.

If there is a game and nobody wants to play it, it will always only remain a game without players.
A game without a player doesn’t exist.

As long we are against each other, the leaders will always take advantage of the situation and they will be against all of us, because they will deliberately divide us and will always have the advantage over us and do with us whatever they wish, whenever they want, however they want.

The day will come when we send the leaders but a single, clear message:


Do you dare to face the ...
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