Life is all about balance ...

In short … I am a man who is every minute aware that one day life passes, and I always try to take advantage of every opportunity that comes my way. If I miss one, I do everything possible to create another opportunity because I am aware that nothing comes by itself … except for our end. So we must LIVE as long as we exist. I am also a man who believes that one who doesn’t believe that he can change the world is crazier than the one who believes he can change it.

In any case, I believe that people are always afraid of new things or experiences because they feel foreign to them, But when they get used to them, they find that they are really useful for them….  And then they start to follow this path. 

In addition to writing books, I also write film scripts and the biggest passion would be to make a film after the book “People Are Sheep”.  The script has already been written and only minor improvements are being made. 

Finally, there is a motto, which may be the title of one of the upcoming books: Smile before you Die 🙂